The purchase of a priority lien tax certificate offered for sale by any Florida County Tax Collector is not a guaranteed investment.

Prior history indicates that occurrences may arise, or be in effect, that could reduce or eliminate the dollar value attributed to any given tax certificate. The following possibilities, though not inclusive, are some of the non-cost recoverable circumstances that may surface:

  1. The property owner could file bankruptcy.
  2. The assessed value on the parcel by the Property Appraiser may be in error and not subject to retroactive correction when the problem is discovered.
  3. The legal parcel identity may be a condominium within a group of buildings that are later condemned or destroyed, leaving the tax certificate purchaser with a 1/4th to 1/8th ownership tax lien on a relatively small vacant property.
  4. The parcel may have had a mobile home on it at the time of tax certificate sale which is subsequently removed or destroyed, leaving the property vacant.
  5. The parcel may have had an assessed structure, or wood frame home that subsequently is burned down or condemned and destroyed.
Finally, there is absolutely no guarantee that by purchasing a tax certificate you will be successful in eventually acquiring the property. Generally, in the very few instances where a tax certificate holder applies for a tax deed application after at least two years have expired, and the taxes are not paid by the owner or an entity with a financial interest, another group of real estate investors participate in the noticed public tax deed auction that eventually is conducted by the Clerk of Court at the Clerk of Court Website.

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